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The best way to raise funds for your local charity or club

24 th May The best way to raise funds for your local charity or club

Regulatory Affairs Consultancy

How can I make money for my local club/charity/school?


We run a PIL Readability Testing scheme (also known as Patient Information Leaflet Testing, User Testing or Readability Testing).

This is the process of testing that the information leaflet which accompanies a medicine (usually a new medicine), can be understood by the general public. With the help of groups of volunteers, we test that the leaflet isn’t too complex, technical or confusing that people might not understand how to correctly and safely take their medicine.


Think Big!


We’ve always got lots of PIL Testing in the pipeline and are always on the look out for groups of volunteers to help us test that these leaflets are effective. In exchange for the help of your group or club, we’ll make a donation to the charity/club or local organisation of your choice. It’s a great way to raise funds for your local charity or club! It’s such a successful scheme,  that we’ve already donated £30,000 to local groups and charities through it!

Whatever the age, gender, profession or even numbers of people in your group –  register your details with us and we’ll be in touch with more information!


Why is PIL Testing necessary?


Click here for information about the difficulties patients can have reading and understanding information leaflets and find out why it’s so important to properly test them.

To find out more please download our PIL Readability Scheme Guide (click on the image below). Please contact us if you would like us to post you a hard copy:

TRAC PIL User Testing










Online registration form

Alternatively you can speak to us by calling 01209 612650 and ask to speak with the PIL Readability Team. You can also email us:



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