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Manufacturing Site Transfers

06 th Dec Manufacturing Site Transfers

Top 10 myths when selecting an outsourcing manufacturer


1. If I select the right contract manufacturing partner everything will be perfect

2. I just need to find the lowest quote price

3. My board will be impressed if I sign on with a “Tier 1” manufacturing service provider

4. I don’t want to be at a contract manufacturer that is building for my competitor

5. I need a partner that is willing to invest in my business

6. Vertical integration is critical to getting the best price and lead time

7. In an outsourced world, R&D should be able to manage production

8. Larger contract manufacturers companies will produce my product for a lower valued-added margin (VAM)

9. Contract manufacturer X presentation was far superior – they’re the best choice

10. I need the most technically competent EMS partner


Sound familiar?


With a wealth of experience, TRAC deliver specialist advice and projects on manufacturing site transfers with an in-depth focus on regulatory requirements and aspects.

Got a question about manufacturing site transfers? Find out more here, or ask us about it today.

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