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Info Hub

The consultancy for global, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs

Welcome to the Info Hub, this is where we share the resources we’ve created, curated and co-ordinated. You’ll find detailed information and guidance on some of our services, as well as general industry news and articles written by our regulatory affairs team. We’re always updating and adding to these pages, so feel free to keep visiting to see what’s new, and don’t forget to share!

This is where TRAC keeps you up to date with the latest from the world of regulatory affairs, from recent CMC regulatory updates to market reports and trends in medicinal development. We’ll not just bring you the news, but also help you understand how changes, developments, new legislation and directives will affect your regulatory affairs journey.

Industry Papers

Our industry papers offer comprehensive advice and best practice guidance on specific aspects of the regulatory process. Brought to you by TRAC’s regulatory team members, many of whom are recognised experts in their chosen fields, these include contributions from Sophie Brand, our readability testing expert and Lisa Pascoe, our eCTD expert who oversees our established in-house eCTD publishing capability.

It’s not just about regulatory affairs! At TRAC we see ourselves and our business as very much at the heart of our local community. All our team members work hard to give something back to the place and the people around us. Here’s where you can read, be inspired by and see how you can become involved in our community.