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You’re one of a kind…

… and so is the make-up of your regulatory affairs team! It’s why the regulatory affairs support that we provide, is truly flexible and of award winning quality. It’s also why we’re a current finalist for a national outsourcing award. 

For some teams, we provide continuity and an extra pair of hands to bridge temporary gaps during recruitment or to cover maternity leave. For other teams, we manage the full life-cycle maintenance and compliance of a product. It’s an affordable, flexible approach made possible because of the incredible people in our team and the wide scope of experience they have. None of us are interested in ‘selling’ our services to you because we know that great business only happens when you’ve got to know us and trust us. That starts here, with a conversation.

Please enjoy your coffee and if you’re ready to find out more, let me know.

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Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

Case Studies

We always provide a highly individualised service and are proud of being recognised for going that extra mile to support our clients.


About Lisa

Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

Lisa’s experience covers the product lifecycle, from early development to post marketing support. Working with drug development companies she has provided clinical regulatory support which has involved IMPD and IB authoring as well as preparing and submitting CTAs.

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