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Fairtrade Fortnight-Meet Leonidas

13 th Feb Fairtrade Fortnight-Meet Leonidas

Leonidas is a banana farmer. Before Fairtrade, he struggled to attract a price for his bananas that even covered his costs.

 ‘Before Fairtrade we were losing money… now we are getting a better price when selling our boxes of bananas. We used to sell our boxes and see no profit out of it; we were not calculating the exportation costs. Fairtrade has trained us, now we know the real price of a box and that allows us to negotiate.’

‘We feel valued, respected. Even the traders see that we are stronger in that sense.’

‘If it weren’t for Fairtrade we would have sold our land.’

You can find out more about Leonidas’ co-operative BANAFRUCOOP here  and watch this short film below which features fellow BANAFRUCOOP member, Julio Mercado Cantillo:

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Image: (c) Theo Hessing OBR studios

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