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Fairtrade Fortnight-Meet Fred

13 th Feb Fairtrade Fortnight-Meet Fred

Fred isn’t a Fairtrade miner. He goes hungry for days because he can’t afford to buy food. He can only eat when the vegetables in his garden are in season. He works in massively unsafe conditions – and life is a gamble – never knowing if all his hard work and digging will be rewarded with gold. Even if he does, he gets ripped off by the middleman who buys it from him.

‘The price of gold goes up and down. Now the price is low. The middlemen tell us whether it is high or low. But the middleman may lie or tell the truth. The middleman wants to get the best price for himself and it’s not fair. There is nothing I can do because I don’t know where they take the gold.’

We met Fred when visiting gold miners for this article in the Telegraph which details more of the exploitation faced by small-scale miners, read it here.

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Image: (c) Fairtrade Foundation

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