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eCTD Pros and Cons

18 th Jul eCTD Pros and Cons


eCTD Pros and Cons


-Your life isn’t ruled by the courier deadline – you can submit electronically at any time, day or night!

– You don’t need a small forests worth of paper to publish your dossier, much more eco-friendly!

– You can actually see your desk, rather than 100’s of piles of paper.

– No back breaking work lugging boxes of paper into the lorry for submission.

– Dossiers don’t need to be driven 100’s of miles to the MHRA, much more environmentally-friendly!

– You don’t have to rely on ‘Nigel’ remembering what was submitted last, the lifecycle is clear for everyone to see.

– No need to wait for hours for the printer to create your submission.

– No more frustrations about the printer running out of ink or paper jams.

– No more paper cuts from sifting through 1000’s of pages.



– No one cares anymore about the spec of your printer – unlike your publishing software!

– The ring binder’s worth of paper never failed ‘publishing validation’ like eCTD sequences.

– You can no longer use the excuse of popping to the shops for more ring binders on a sunny day.

– It’s created a whole new language, ‘XML’, ‘DTD’ ‘checksums’ – what?!

– Your life isn’t ruled by the courier deadline – you can submit electronically at any time, day… or night, no excuses!

– Printing and sorting paper never needed hours of training, unlike eCTD building!

– I don’t remember loading boxes of paper into a lorry being as challenging as trying to use some of these submission portals!


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